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Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Guitar Effects Fuzz Pedal 354922 850016400543

$ 149.00

Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Guitar Effects Fuzz Pedal 354922 850016400543

$ 149.00
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  • SKU: WFOXYTONE354922
  • Brand: Warm Audio
  • Type: Guitar Pedals
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Key Features
  • Classic Fuzz Distortion
  • Handmade with Authentic Parts
  • Mellow or Aggressive Fuzz Tones
  • Volume, Sustain, and Fuzz Knobs
  • Octave Switch
  • Orange Velvet Exterior
  • 9V Battery or 9V Adapter
  • Power Adapter Included

The Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box is a recreation of a well-regarded vintage fuzz pedal, a stompbox used by the likes of Billy Gibbons, Andrew Belew, and Peter Frampton. Use the Volume, Sustain, and Fuzz knobs to secure anything from a classic mellow fuzz tone to a biting, bright timbre. You'll also note a switch that engages a pronounced octavized effect, which is a sought-after sound in the world of fuzz.

All the components used in the pedals circuit are hand-assembled and designed to give you an authentic tone. The pedal makes use of NOS Fairchild germanium transisters to give you the pedal's trademark fuzz. The stompbox also boasts germanium diodes, high-watt carbon resisters, and film capacitors for the precise tonal response for which the original pedal is known and heralded. To keep your signal pristine when the pedal is disengaged, the Foxy Tone Box offers a true bypass circuit path. You can power the pedal with a 9V battery or by means of the included power adapter. This pedal doesn't only sound the part—it also looks the part, thanks to its evocative, orange velvet exterior.

In the Box

  • Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box Pedal For Fuzz Distortion
  • 9 VDC Power Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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UPC: 850016400543

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