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Universal Audio UAFX Golden Reverb Stereo Effects Pedal 819937002854

$ 399.99

Universal Audio UAFX Golden Reverb Stereo Effects Pedal 819937002854

$ 399.99
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  • Brand: Universal Audio
  • Type: Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Availability: In Stock
Key Features
  • UA Hardware and Processing in a Stompbox
  • Authentic Vintage-Style Reverberation
  • Stereo I/O Path For Electric Guitars
  • Spring, Hall, and Plate Sounds
  • More Downloadable FX From UAD
  • Selectable True or Buffered Bypass
  • Preset Saving/Recall
  • Silent Switching and Analog Dry Thru
  • Power Adapter Available Separately

Secure an authentic vintage-style reverb for your stompbox rig with the Universal Audio UAFX Golden Reverb, a guitar pedal for electric guitars and more. Sporting a stereo I/O path, analog dry thru, and comprehensive controls, the pedal combines UA's digital know-how with analog craftsmanship to deliver three stellar-sounding reverberations for guitar players.

Classic spring, hall, and plate effects are on hand—or rather, under foot. A 224 chamber and a digital plate algorithm are available from Universal Audio via their website and can be loaded into the pedal over USB. In addition to silent switching and buffered true bypass selection, the pedal offers a bevy of control, as well as instant save/recall of your favorite sounds as presets.

The required power adapter is available separately.
3 Classic Reverbs Built-In
The pedal offers three classic verb effects, including:
  • Spring 65: 3 Golden Unit spring reverb tanks pulled from classic 1960s American guitar amps.
  • Plate 140: 3 vintage German plate reverbs captured at the iconic Record Plant studio.
  • Hall 224: A trio of perfectly modeled late-1970s digital reverb algorithms.
In addition to these three effects, you'll have access to more from the Universal Audio website including a vintage digital plate and a model of a 224 chamber.
Powered by Dual-Processor UAFX Engine
This dual-processor enables you achieve a powerful and authentic sound, and also facilitates simple preset loading with instant recall. Each effect gives you controls to take full advantage of the tone.
Classic UA Analog Design
Just like classic and modern UA gear, this pedal is built to last. It also offers both true and buffered bypassing (thanks to a UAD firmware update), as well as silent switching onstage and in the studio.
Goodies Commensurate with a Pro Reverb Pedal
This pedal offers an analog dry-through path to preserve the integrity of your guitar's tone. You'll be able to use the pedal in mono, stereo, and dual-mono setups, and you'll have the ability to select how the reverb trails off (or cuts abruptly) when you disengage the effect.
UPC: 819937002854

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