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Samson Audio Concert 288m Presentation Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier & Headset Microphone System 345353 809164225072

$ 419.99

Samson Audio Concert 288m Presentation Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier & Headset Microphone System 345353 809164225072

$ 419.99
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  • SKU: SWC288MPRD345353
  • Brand: Samson Audio
  • Type: Dynamic Mics
  • Availability: In Stock
Key Features:
  • For Presenters and Instructors
  • 2 x Cardioid Lav Mics & 2 x Headset Mics
  • 2 x Bodypacks Transmitters
  • True-Diversity Dual-Channel Receiver

The Samson Concert 288m Presentation is a dual-channel wireless lavalier and headset microphone system designed for situations where two microphones are needed. Fast to set up and easy to operate, it offers two presenters, lecturers, or instructors quality sound and dependable performance for presentations and events in small venues, wedding halls, and houses of worship as well as educational and corporate facilities.

The Concert 288m Presentation offers a flexible solution by including two CB88 bodypack transmitters each with its own cardioid lavalier mic and HS5 headset mic. The lav provides a discreet hands-free mic option, while the headset allows for positioning the mic closer to the speaker's mouth for a clearer sound in loud environments. The transmitters feature a convenient On-Off/Mute switch and operate for up to 8 hours on two AA batteries at a range up to 300'.

Also included is the AR299m dual-channel tabletop micro receiver with foldable antennas, which is small and light enough to fit into any carry bag. The rear-panel connections include a variety of XLR, 1/4", and 3.5mm connectors, giving you flexible options for connecting to any mixing board or PA system.

Quick to set up at the press of a button, the receiver scans 100 selectable frequencies to locate a clean RF channel that's free from interference. Just hold the Set button to sync the receiver with the transmitter via IR, and you're ready to go. Up to eight microphones can operate simultaneously per frequency band.

  • The bodypack transmitters offer variable mic input gain control.
  • The receiver is equipped with separate volume controls for each mic.
  • The microphones are optimized for speech intelligibility and feature a locking connector for a secure connection to the transmitter.
  • Two balanced XLR outputs allow you to route the individual mic signals to two separate mixer or PA channels.
  • 1/4" and 3.5mm unbalanced mix outputs combine both mic signals to a single output.
  • Tone key and auto mute technology prevents undesired noise and interference when the transmitter is out of range


      • Wireless Technology: Analog UHF
      • Number of RF Channel Frequencies: 100
      • Included Transmitters: 2 x Bodypack
      • Diversity: True Diversity
      • RF Frequency Band D: 542 to 566 MHz
      • RF Bandwidth: 24 MHz
      • RF Channel Scanning: Auto-Scan
      • Max Operating Range: 300' / 91.4 m (Line of Sight)
      • Max Transmitters per Band: 8
      • Dynamic Range: >100 dBA
      • Receiver Type: Tabletop
      • Mounting Options: Tabletop
      • Antenna: 2 x Telescopic, Fixed (Side-Mount)
      • Number of Audio Channels: 2
      • Audio I/O: 2 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Output, 1 x 1/4" Female Unbalanced Output, 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Female Unbalanced Output
      • Audio Output Level XLR Outputs: +9 dBu (Line Level) 1/4" Output: +14 dBu (Consumer Level) 1/8" / 3.5 mm Output: +14 dBu (Consumer Level)
      • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 15 kHz
      • Impedance XLR Outputs: 240 Ohms 1/4" Output: 1.1 Kilohms 1/8" / 3.5 mm Output: 1.1 Kilohms
      • Approximate RF Sensitivity: 100 dBm
      • Power Requirements: AC/DC Power Adapter
      • AC/DC Power Adapter: 15 VDC at 600 mA (Included)
      • AC Input Power: 110 to 220 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
      • Display & Indicators: 2 x Multi-Segment LED (Channel), 2 x LED (RF Level), 2 x LED (Sync), 2 x LED (Peak)
      • Transmitter Type: Bodypack
      • RF Output Power: 10 mW
      • Audio I/O: 1 x Proprietary 3-Pin Male Input
      • Muting: Off/On Switch
      • Auto-Level Control: No
      • Gain Range: 38 dB
      • Sync Method: IR
      • Antenna: 1 x Flexible Whip, Fixed (Beltpack)
      • Power Requirements: Battery
      • Battery Type: 2 x AA (Not Included)
      • Approx. Battery Life: 8 Hours (Alkaline)
      • Display & Indicators: 1 x LED (Battery Status, Mute)
      • Microphone Type: Lavalier
      • Sound Field: Mono
      • Capsule: Electret Condenser
      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      • Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 12 kHz
      • Maximum SPL: 125 dB SPL
      • Impedance: 2.2 Kilohms
      • Sensitivity: -45 dB
      • Output Connectors: 1 x TA3/Mini XLR 3-Pin (Lockable)
      • Cable Length: 3.94' / 1.2 m
      • Operating Voltage: 1.5 to 12 V
      • Microphone: 2
      • Microphone Type: Headset
      • Sound Field: Mono
      • Capsule: Electret Condenser
      • Output Connectors: 1 x TA3/Mini XLR 3-Pin (Lockable)

      In the Box

      • Samson Concert 288m Presentation Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier & Headset Microphone System (D: 542 to 566 MHz)
      • AR299M Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver (D: 542 to 566 MHz)
      • 2 x Samson CB88 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter (D: 542 to 566 MHz)
      • 2 x Samson LM7x Unidirectional Lavalier Microphone for Wireless Transmitters
      • 2 x Samson HS5 Headset Microphone with P3 3-pin Connection for Wireless
      • Bodypack Transmitters
      • 2 x Metal Belt Clips
      • Samson AC500 AC Power Adapter for Wireless Receivers
      • Limited 2-Year Warranty

      MPN: 345353

      UPC: 809164225072

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