Paiste Masters Thin Hi-Hat 15-inches 3710666 697643115637

$ 560.00

Paiste Masters Thin Hi-Hat 15-inches 3710666 697643115637

$ 560.00
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  • SKU: P55043153710666
  • Brand: Paiste
  • Type: Drums and Percussion
  • Availability: In Stock
Key Features:
  • Size: 15-inches
  • Weight: thin top/medium thin bottom
  • Volume: low to medium loud
  • Stick Sound: tery, soft, wide
  • Intensity: lively
  • Sustain: medium
  • Chick Sound: light, warm

Masters started out as an assemblage of twelve rides – exquisite and laboriously hand-manufactured cymbals made of CuSn20 bronze to achieve superior sound ideals in various musical genres. In 2014, three crashes and two hats join the series to expand the unique Masters sound atmosphere to additional cymbal types. Masters integrate the experience of the decades long art of cymbal making with the inspirations of international top drummers.

Sound Character: Warm, soft, gentle, wide. Medium wide range, balanced mix. Soft, responsive feel, very controllable. Gentle, broad stick sound. Gentle, airy open sound. Light, warm chick. Versatile hi-hats for articulate playing.

    MPN: 3710666

    UPC: 697643115637

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