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Austrian Audio OD5 Cardioid Active-Dynamic Instrument Microphone 18010F10100 810019100215

$ 299.00

Austrian Audio OD5 Cardioid Active-Dynamic Instrument Microphone 18010F10100 810019100215

$ 299.00
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  • SKU: AOD5MICROPHONE18010F10100
  • Brand: Austrian Audio
  • Type: Instrument Microphone
  • Availability: In Stock

Key Features:

  • For Instruments / Studio and Live Stage
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Active-Dynamic Capsule, 48V Phantom
  • 220° Swivel-Joint Mechanism
  • 151 dB Maximum SPL
  • Selectable 10 dB Pad
  • Low-Cut Filter at 80 and 120 Hz
  • Handmade in Vienna

The Austrian Audio OD5 is a cardioid, active-dynamic microphone that utilizes the company's proprietary Open Acoustics technology to capture an open and transparent instrument sound in the studio or live on stage. Great for musicians and sound techs, it features a swivel-joint mechanism that simplifies the process of making fine adjustments to microphone angles by a few degrees without losing their position completely. With a 20 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response and capable of handling up to 151 dB of SPL, the OD5 is ideally suited for use on various percussion and drums, guitar and bass cabinets, and in front of wind instruments. The mic is handmade in Vienna and subjected to the strictest quality assurance processes.

Consistent Sound with Linear-Cardioid Polar Pattern

Precise directionality is a prerequisite for the targeted alignment of a microphone. The OD5 use Austrian Audio's Open Acoustics technology to deliver a linear-cardioid polar pattern that captures sound not only from the front but also the "bleed" from the rear or side, evenly and undistorted. This ensures that even the sometimes-unavoidable crosstalk from other instruments still sounds good.

A Great Workhorse Mic with Many Applications for the Stage and Studio

The OD5 features an active-dynamic circuit to ensure that even long cable runs have no undesirable effect on the signal. In addition, the active-dynamic design allows the integration of a two-position low-cut filter.
The active-dynamic capsule is perfectly protected by the microphone basket, allowing it to be safely positioned, even in places where the microphone might be subjected to knocks.

The OD5 is equipped with a CAB (Cut-and-Boost) filter applied at 80 Hz, which is particularly well suited for use with guitar amplifiers—the filter removes the unusable low-frequency sound and at the same time increases pressure in the bass range. The mic also features a common 2nd-order high-pass filter at 120 Hz.

The mic has a high sensitivity usually found in condenser microphones. With an outstanding 151 dB SPL (>160 dB SPL with pad), the OD5 is extremely resistant to overload. A -10 dB pad, which lowers sensitivity by reducing the capsule voltage, enables you to use the mic in front of the loudest sound sources.

Versatile Swivel-Joint Mechanism

Austrian Audio's engineers have developed a swivel system for the microphone basket that allows a 220° rotation of the field. The microphone can be very easily aligned precisely to the sound source or according to personal sound preferences without having to awkwardly adjust or loosen the microphone stand—frustrations such as microphones falling off or fingers pinched on the stand are now a thing of the past.


                      • Primary Applications: Live Sound, Studio Recording
                      • Form Factor: Stand/Boom Mount
                      • Intended Sound Sources: Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Horns
                      • Sound Field: Mono
                      • Capsule: Active Dynamic
                      • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
                      • Orientation: End Address
                      • Circuitry: Solid-State
                      • Pad: -10 dB
                      • High-Pass Filter: 80 Hz, 120 Hz
                      • On-Board Controls: High-Pass Filter, Pad
                      • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 18 kHz
                      • Maximum SPL: 151 dB SPL, 160 dB SPL (with Pad)
                      • Impedance: 275 Ohms
                      • Load Impedance: > 1 Kilohms
                      • Sensitivity: 6.7 mV/Pa
                      • Equivalent Noise Level: 21 dB SPL A-Weighted
                      • Output Connectors (Analog): 1 x XLR 3-Pin Male (on Mic)
                      • Operating Voltage: 48 V
                      • Operating Current Consumption: 1.5 mA
                      • Mounting: Mic Clip/Stand Adapter (with Included Hardware)

                        In the Box:

                        • Austrian Audio OD5 Cardioid Active-Dynamic Instrument Microphone
                        • Austrian Audio OCH8 Microphone Clip for OC818 or OC18 Microphone
                        • MSC2 Case


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