QSC K8 8-Inch 1000 Watt Powered PA Speaker - K8

$ 699.99 $ 899.99

QSC K8 8-Inch 1000 Watt Powered PA Speaker - K8

$ 699.99 $ 899.99
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  • SKU: QK8
  • Brand: QSC
  • Type: PA Systems
  • Availability: In Stock

How can this compact 8" PA speaker put out enough punch to fill a large room? Impossible. Or is it? Back up, now. QSC packed a 1,000-watt powerplant into this little guy - 1,000-watt Class D power amp, so it's still lightweight enough to put in your car with ease. But how does it sound? It sounds like a million bucks. Really.

We caught the K8 in action in a large room, and you've never seen so many jaws drop at the same time. It sound so good, you'll have trouble relating the little speaker your eyes see with the massive sound coming into your ears. The K8 is the real deal!

Technical Details

Powder coated steel grille

Comfortable ergonomic handles

  • 8” Woofer; 1.75” diaphragm compression driver
  • 105° conical DMT coverage
  • Maximum SPL 127 dB peak
  • Attractive and professional appearance
  • Rugged ABS enclosures
  • 16-gauge powder coated steel grille
  • 1000-watt continuous Class D power modules in all models
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • 35 mm pole sockets with Tilt-Direct™
  • M10 rigging points
  • Eyebolt and yoke mount accessories available
  • Item Weight : 30 pounds
  • Product Dimensions : 20 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Height (inches) : 15 inches
  • Width (inches) 15 inches
  • MPN : K8
  • UPC : 684284056016
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