Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper

$ 449.00 $ 599.99

Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper

$ 449.00 $ 599.99
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  • Brand: Pigtronix
  • Type: Pedals & Effects
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A Versatile Looper for Any Live Rig!

Feeling loopy? Pigtronix's Infinity looper pedal puts studio-style looping at the feet of your guitar rig. Actually, you don't have to be a guitarist to kick your creative juices into high gear with this remarkable looper. Loaded with truly unique controls and sample-accurate sync capabilities, you'll find tons of great ways to use the Infinity with your bass, keyboard, or DJ rig, and live DAW. And no looper (pedal or otherwise) that's come before the Infinity has been as easy to integrate into your full band setup.

Does everything you'd expect a looper pedal to do, only better

Before we start exploring the fancy bells and whistles the Pigtronix Infinity looper pedal has to offer, let's take a look at its basic, fundamental looping functions. The basic operation of the Infinity is remarkably simple. You get two stereo loops, whose size is only limited by the capacity of the SD card you stick in it (though chances are that you won't find yourself needing more space than it comes with). Each loop gives you seamless record, playback, overdub, undo, and redo functions, so you've got a ton of options right at your feet. Once you've laid down a loop, the Sync Multi control lets you lay down a second loop anywhere from 1-6 times the length of the loop you just recorded. What's more, you can choose to run the loops either in parallel (like most loopers) or in series, making it easy to lay down complex grooves and build up songs quickly.

Clever signal-routing options make this the easiest looper to use with a band

True to their remarkable ability to discern what musicians actually want/need, Pigtronix built the Infinity looper to be more than a fun practice tool, but rather a creative element you can easily work into your full live setup. For instance, its dual signal paths let you plug in two separate sources, sending one input to loop 1 and the other to loop 2. Since each loop can have its own discrete output, the Infinity can essentially act like two separate looper pedals sync'd together, allowing you and another member of the band to both lay down perfectly time-locked loops. Talk about flexible! And as if that wasn't enough, you also get an auxiliary output, which lets you send just the loop playback to your stage monitors, something that will probably cause your drummer to sigh with relief.

Freakishly powerful sync options provide you with tons of flexibility onstage

There's another side of the Pigtronix Infinity looper pedal that makes it even more useful to anyone who plays live with a DAW or sequencer, namely, its deadly accurate MIDI sync function. Boasting sample-accurate MIDI sync and the ability to accept MIDI clock start and stop messages, the Infinity lets you lock your looping to a wide range of sources. This is particularly cool if you use loop-based tracks via Ableton Live or some other similar DAW in your live performances. And since the Infinity looper records its audio in 24-bit/48kHz WAV format, you can transfer any loops you record to your studio rig to create advanced live setups or for use in your next album.

  •  50 presets - Up to 100 loops maximum
  • Minimum Loop Time - 10ms shortest loop
  • Alternate Remote Switch options - Stutter, instant erase, Vari-speed
  • MIDI CC overhaul - Complete MIDI control of all functions and parameter selection
  • Vari-speed - Change pitch of Loops by any musical interval over three octave range
  • Reverse Playback - Each Loop can individually be toggled between forwards and reverse
  • Advanced expression pedal mapping - Foot control of Vari-speed, loop aging and loop volume
  • State-of-the-art "Active" MIDI Tracking - accurately track even the most unstable MIDI clock sources
  • The advanced, practical, and creative latency-free looper pedal your live show has been missing
  • Dual stereo looper pedal with easy-to-use record, overdub, undo, and redo functions
  • Sync Multi mode lets you set the length of loop 2 to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times the length of loop 1
  • Run your loops in parallel (standard) or in series to create complex grooves
  • Split inputs let you record separate instruments to either loop, each with its own discrete output
  • Expression pedal input lets you adjust the volume of each loop
  • Aux Loop Output lets you send just the looped audio to a separate monitor to keep the rest of the band in time
  • 5 x stop mode makes transitioning out of your loops seamless
  • Includes 9 x loop presets plus 1 x blank canvas
  • Sample-accurate MIDI clock sync accepts MIDI Clock start and stop messages, allowing you to lock your loops to your live DAW or sequencer
  • All loops recorded in 24-bit/48kHz studio-quality audio
  • Looping duration entirely dependent on size of internal SD card (included SD card provides hours of storage)
  • Onboard USB connectivity lets you upload and download your saved loops as well as to configure your presets
  • Circuit design by Howard Davis; sound design by David Koltai
  • MPN : PSPL
  • UPC : 18111800014


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