Paiste 900 Series China 18-inches 3710394 697643114074

$ 178.00

Paiste 900 Series China 18-inches 3710394 697643114074

$ 178.00
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  • SKU: P19026183710394
  • Brand: Paiste
  • Type: Drums and Percussion
  • Availability: In Stock
Key Features:
  • Size: 18-inches
  • Weight: medium thin
  • Volume: medium to loud
  • Stick Sound: washy, trashy
  • Intensity: lively
  • Sustain: medium
  • Bell Character: integrated

The 900 Series is crafted from 2002 Bronze, with its legendary warmth, brilliance and strength. In sophisticated hybrid manufacturing the cymbals are refined by Swiss craftsmanship with hand hammering and lathing. A special finish slightly darkens the cymbals and amplifies the lathing grooves and hammer marks for a spectacular appearance that fuses roughness and elegance. The 900 Series sets the new standard for advanced sound at a reasonable investment.

Sound Character: Fairly dark, energetic. Medium wide range, complex mix. Explosive, shattering crash. Exotic stick sound over a complex, trashy wash. Assertive china for exotic effects.

    MPN: 3710394

    UPC: 697643114074

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