MusicLab RealStrat

$ 199.00

MusicLab RealStrat

$ 199.00
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  • Brand: MusicLab
  • Type: Recording Software
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Let's paint a scenario for you. You play keys. You love playing keys. Yet, there's a part of you that wants to be able to rock out with realistic guitar sounds from time to time. Thing is, you're not willing to go take all that time learning how to play guitar when you already know one instrument well. What to do? Call in MusicLab's RealStrat and get it going. It's a virtual electric guitar plug-in that pairs perfectly with your favorite MIDI controller (or shoulder synth, eh, eh??). Covering practically ALL sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist uses, RealStrat offers convincing electric guitar sounds for those of us familiar with those black-and-white keys.

  • Makes it easy to create realistic guitar arrangements for your music.
  • Perform expressive techniques like tapping, hammer-on/off, palm mutes, and volume swells with your MIDI keyboard.
  • Pattern library includes 1,250 rhythm patterns, synced to the tempo of your project.
  • Toggle/temporary switch modes.
  • Auto Fret Noise & Release Noise.
  • Pull-Off (up to octave range)
  • 30 FX's assignable on 33 Keys.
  • Hammer-On (up to octave range)
  • Up/Down strokes.
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