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Morley Pedals 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal 444386 664101001702

$ 179.00

Morley Pedals 20/20 Lead Wah Boost Pedal 444386 664101001702

$ 179.00
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  • SKU: MTLW2444386
  • Brand: Morley Pedals
  • Type: Guitar Pedals
  • Availability: In Stock

Key Features:

  • Wah and Boost Activate Simultaneously when Engaged. Simply step on to activate.
  • Same family of Tones as the 20/20 Lead Wah and 20/20 Wah Boost
  • Set Boost Control at 12 O’clock for Lead Wah’s Gain Stage
  • Boost Control also goes below Unity Gain for Subtle Wah Tones when needed
  • Buffer Circuit prevents signal loss and maintains Tone.
  • Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter. 12ma current draw.
  • MQ2 custom Inductor, LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door, glow-in the dark treadle grip / toe-end logo
  • One-year warranty. Lifetime Warranty available with registration

Since the launch of the 20/20 Lead Wah and Wah Boost pedals we’ve gotten great feedback and we’ve decided to combine both pedals into one. It’s like your two favorite shred super heroes merging together. Overall the usefulness of the Boost control being easily accessible on the pedal was preferred, but a lot of players really liked the stock gain setting on the Lead Wah. Dial the Boost control to 12 o’clock and you’ve got the Lead Wah. Roll it back to 10 o’clock and you’re at unity just in case you need to tame your tone for something other than ascending into Guitar Greatness.

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