JBL LSR4326P Bi-Amp 6" Studio Monitor Active / Powered Studio Monitor

$ 549.00 $ 699.99

JBL LSR4326P Bi-Amp 6" Studio Monitor Active / Powered Studio Monitor

$ 549.00 $ 699.99
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  • Brand: JBL
  • Type: Studio Monitors
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Automatically analyzes and corrects the sound for accurate mixing.

The JBL LSR4326P Studio Monitors are designed for critical stereo and multichannel audio production applications that require exceptional spectral accuracy and high SPL capability. Exclusive technology from JBL automatically analyzes and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy in mixing.

Acknowledging that much of today's production is carried out in acoustically untreated rooms, the LSR4300 Series are the first professional monitor speakers to combine JBL's Linear Spatial Reference technology and automated RMCTM Room Mode Correction, an onboard system that automatically compensates for low frequency anomalies measured at the mix position.

Network and Digital Features

The JBL LSR4300 series speakers enhance computer-based audio production by incorporating systemwide volume control, input source selection, individual speaker solo and user EQ. They use the Harman HiQnetTM network protocol that allows centralized control of a multichannel system from any speaker's front panel, wireless remote control, or computer via a standard USB connection and LSR4300 Control Center Software. The network is configured using supplied CAT5 cable and by setting a DIP switch on each speaker. Harman HiQnet also enables synchronized RMC calibration of all speakers on the network.

438H Low Frequency Transducer

The 6.25" woofer in these JBL speakers uses a powerful, shielded neodymium magnet which can be used in close proximity to CRT-type monitors with no interference. The transducer uses a copper-clad polepiece that improves high frequency output by reducing voice coil inductance. A copper ribbon voice coil ensures high sensitivity, and a flux shorting ring stabilizes the magnetic field in the gap, reducing distortion. Heat sinking has been placed close to the magnetic gap in order to draw out heat as efficiently as possible. The cone is polymer coated for uniformity of response over the woofer's passband.

431G High Frequency Transducer

The JBL studio monitor's high frequency transducer has a treated silk diaphragm that produces uniform and smooth sound. Its flat ribbon aluminum voice coil ensures low-moving mass and enables the transducer to achieve response out to 22kHz. A lightweight neodymium magnet structure with integral heat sinking, along with ferrofluid in the magnetic gap, enable the transducer to produce high peak output levels with minimal power compression. The magnet structure is integrally shielded, enabling the system to be used in proximity to CRT-type monitors with no interference.

Bi-amplified Power System

The JBL LSR4326P monitors incorporate 2 high power amplifiers that provide 150 watts of power to the low frequency transducer and 70 watts of power to the high frequency transducer. A precision digital dividing network having high-order Linkwitz-Riley slope characteristics for smooth transition between transducers, results in exceptional imaging and lack of time smear. The circuitry also yields a tonal-artifact-free noise floor.

  • Two flush mounted handles
  • 3/4″ MDF enclosure with structural ABS front baffle
  • Automated RMC™ Room Mode Correction optimizes response
  • Integrated processing provides Automated Room Mode Correction, and compensation for speaker-to-speaker placement variations
  • Front panel includes output level meter and user controls
  • Harman HiQnet network and USB computer interface provide centralized control of entire system from any speaker
  • Integrated bi-amplification with factory calibrated sensitivities
  • Advanced Linear Spatial Reference design ensures flatter-off-axis response
  • MPN : LSR4326P
  • UPC : 50036903035
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