JBL JRX118SP Powered Single 18-inch 350 Watt Subwoofer

$ 899.00 $ 1,199.99

JBL JRX118SP Powered Single 18-inch 350 Watt Subwoofer

$ 899.00 $ 1,199.99
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  • SKU: JJRX118SP
  • Brand: JBL
  • Type: Sub Woofer
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More Bass

The JRX118SP is A 300-watt (continuous, 500W peak) Powered Sub, with a specially designed amplifier and the same driver as the non-powered version (JRX118S). It offers dual inputs with balanced XLR connectors, a built-in stereo crossover network and peak limiter to protect the amplifier and speaker from clipping. Dimensions: 23.5 x 20.3 x 23.5', 89 lbs. JBL designed the popular JRX100 series for cost-conscious musicians, DJs and other users of live sound reinforcement speakers. All full-range models feature Neutrik Speakon and 1/4 inch input connectors. JRX100 cabinets are constructed of carpet-covered, 3/4 inch MDF - a material that is structurally and acoustically superior to the particleboard that is used by many competitive products. To minimize distortion, heavy gauge wire is used for inductors and SonicGuard high-frequency driver protection guards against damage caused by inadvertent overpowering of the system. The JRX115 and JRX112M's innovative, new dual-angle pole socket allows them to be mounted in either a conventional, vertical position, or with a 10 degree down angle. By aiming the speaker down, you get more even audience coverage and reduce the destructive acoustic reflections from walls. JBL constructs the JRX enclosures with advanced adhesives and closely mechanically spaced fasteners, not just glue. They use non-resonant, all metal handles, and an 18-gauge, full metal grille. All JRX100 models have passed the same 100-hour, full rated-power torture test that JBL high-end touring systems must survive.

  • JBL 18 in high power woofer with a cast frame and 3 inch voice coil matched to a 500W peak amp.
  • Built-in 500 W (peak), 300 W (continuous) amplifier. Controls, connectors, and indicators are clearly labeled with large, highcontrast graphics for easy operation in poorly lit environments.
  • Top Mounted 35mm Pole Mount socket for JBL’s SS3-BK Pole.
  • Heavy duty, all steel handles are used.
  • Tough acoustically Superior enclosure constructed using 19mm MDF for improved LF performance.
  • Accepts Stereo or Mono line level inputs or a speaker level input to add solid bass to any speaker system.
  • A top mounted, cast aluminum 35 mm pole mount receptacle can receive an optional SS3BK pole to facilitate use of the JRX118SP as a base for a mid-high speaker cabinet.
  • Solid Perforated Kick Proof 18 gauge Grille to protect ithe speaker form damage.
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