EastWest Spaces II - Convolution Reverb Plug-In EW-255D 1181-71

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EastWest Spaces II - Convolution Reverb Plug-In EW-255D 1181-71
EastWest Spaces II - Convolution Reverb Plug-In EW-255D 1181-71

EastWest Spaces II - Convolution Reverb Plug-In EW-255D 1181-71

$ 299.00
In Stock - Only left
$ 299.00
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  • Brand: EastWest
  • Type: Software
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Key Features
  • 24-Bit Convolution Reverb Processor
  • 1020 High-Resolution Reverbs
  • 372 Instrument-Specific Reverbs
  • True Stereo with Surround Capability
  • Recorded in Locations Worldwide
  • Low CPU Usage, Clean Signal Path
  • Decay Time Control
  • Standalone, AAX, Audio Units, VST
  • Mac, Windows

Spaces II Overview

The Sequel to the Ultimate 24-bit True Stereo Convolution Reverb. 

EastWest Spaces II is a 24-bit, true stereo convolution reverb plug-in. It comes with 1020 reverbs recorded in spectacular locations worldwide from stunning concert venues: from Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Reynolds Hall in Las Vegas, and the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, to exquisite-sounding churches like St. Patrick's and St. Dominic's, to unique and extraordinary sounding locations like catacombs and Union Station in Los Angeles, and many more. Also included is a collection of 372 instrument-specific reverbs plus all the reverbs from Space I. Space II's high-resolution, convolution engine delivers realistic spaces at a very low CPU load, allowing engineers and sound designers to place their instruments in the precise acoustic environments of their choice.

Producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix employed the best gear from Fairchild, Manley, Meitner, Neumann, Neve, Sennheiser, Sony, Telefunken, and TG to meticulously capture the impulse response library. ATC monitors were used in each space to emulate the real-world sound projection properties of various instruments. Most impulses are in 8-channel format, so surround mixes can be created.

The instrument-specific reverbs are designed to take the guesswork out of instrument reverb selection. Recorded in six locations, they were captured in the exact position an instrument would be on stage to closely emulate the sound-projection patterns of the instrument. You can create a mixing template with unique reverb settings for the strings, brass, winds, percussion, and choir and hear the instruments as they would sound playing together in the same space.

Requires iLok account for electronic license or iLok copy-protection key (available separately)

What's New in Spaces II

  • Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
  • 1020 high-resolution reverbs recorded in locations worldwide
  • Includes 372 instrument-specific reverbs recorded in 6 locations
  • Film score, rock, pop, jazz, classical, esoteric, and dreamy reverbs
  • New convolution engine
  • Low CPU usage, with clean signal path
  • New Decay Time control feature
  • New user interface with visuals representing each space
  • New Next / Previous buttons for fast navigation



  • Abandoned Abbey
  • Angels Cathedral (true stereo)
  • Berlin Church (true stereo)
  • Grace Church (true stereo)
  • Hamburg Cathedral (true stereo)
  • LA Cathedral
  • LA Church
  • NY Church
  • Sacred Heart (true stereo)
  • Santa Barbara Temple
  • St. Dominic (true stereo)
  • St. Patrick (true stereo)


  • Malibu Stone Courtyard


  • Classic Digital
  • Digital Hollywood Hall
  • Gated Room Reverb
  • Planetary Manifestations
  • Vocal Digital

Opera House

  • War Memorial Opera House (true stereo)


  • Classic Rock Plate
  • EW Vintage Plates

Solo Vocal

  • Solo Vocal


  • EastWest Studios


  • SM Concrete Tank
  • SM Water Tank

Train Stations

  • Long Tunnel
  • Union Station

Concert Halls

  • Abravanel Hall (true stereo)
  • Ace Hall
  • Davies Hall (true stereo)
  • Dortmund Concert Hall (true stereo)
  • LA Guitar Venue
  • LA Piano Hall
  • Northwest Orchestral Hall
  • NY Piano Hall
  • NY String Hall
  • Pasadena Taiko Hall
  • Reynolds Hall (true stereo)
  • San Francisco Hall
  • So. Cal. Orchestral Hall


  • Carlsbad Caverns


  • Hamburg Forest
  • Hamburg Lake Forest

Parking Garages

  • SM Parking Garage
  • WLA Parking Garage

Rock Rooms

  • LA Big Drum Rooms
  • LA Small Drum Rooms
  • LA Studio Drum Rooms


  • LA Scoring Stages

Swimming Hall

  • Berlin Swimming Hall (true stereo)

The Catacombs

  • The Catacombs


  • 544 Mateo (true stereo)
  • ACME Storage
  • Compton Warehouse
  • WLA Loading Dock

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XSKU: 1181-71

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