Dynaudio BM50 Studio Monitor

$ 499.00 $ 699.00

Dynaudio BM50 Studio Monitor

$ 499.00 $ 699.00
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  • Brand: Dynaudio
  • Type: Studio Monitors
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Desktop Monitoring Done Right

The Dynaudio DBM50 Active Desktop Monitor fills a desperate need. Although you probably do a fair amount of serious work on your desktop (perhaps even all of it), there haven't been many serious monitors designed specifically for the desktop studio. Dynaudio rides to the rescue with the DBM50, a great-looking and deadly-accurate active monitor loudspeaker that doesn't take up a lot of your precious desk space. The DBM50's rock-solid stereo image even holds up even a few feet back from the "sweet spot" - perfect for guitar overdubs. If you record and mix in a DAW on your desktop, monitor through speakers designed for your work environment - Dynaudio's DBM50 Active Desktop Monitors.

  • A new angle on desktop mixing
  • The right stuff
  • Speak the truth
  • Dynaudio knows what they're doing

A new angle on desktop mixing

Much of today's music never sets foot inside a "professional studio." Most of it starts out on a desktop - in the composer's computer. Feature film music, of course, ends up on scoring stages; and major bands still block book big recording studios, but you'd probably agree, it's fair to say that desktop production plays a huge part in today's music industry. Luckily, someone finally recognized desktop production's need for a really serious monitor. The Dynaudio DBM50 is an active monitor specifically designed for desktop production, and - unlike the flimsy "multimedia monitors" desktop producers have had to live with 'till now - it's deadly accurate.

The right stuff

From the handcrafted Dynaudio drivers to the aesthetic-pleasing exterior, the DBM50 is expressly engineered to accurately reproduce your desktop mix. The DBM50 incorporated a number of Dynaudio technologies, including a highly effective wave guide around the tweeter, an up-angled cabinet that focuses the sound on your ears, and a level control that doesn't compromise the delicate interrelationship between the drivers. All in, what you've got is a real monitor loudspeaker - one that's designed for the way you work.

Speak the truth

Dynaudio monitors speak the truth - and truth is exactly what you need from your monitors in the pursuit of the perfect final mix. Dynaudio uses only the best materials and production techniques combined with the industry's most thorough and extensive testing program to allow their monitors to achieve 100 percent consistency - a great benefit when you're relying on speakers in different locations.

Dynaudio knows what they're doing

With over 35 years of experience building speaker drivers, Dynaudio knows what goes into a great monitor speaker. Add to that

20-plus years of producing professional monitors for top studios, and you have a company perspective that few pro audio manufacturers can match. Dynaudio's proprietary driver technologies produce monitors that are neutral and uncolored. This silky clarity, in combination with amazing dynamic capabilities, give working pros like you monitors that let you work marathon sessions without ear fatigue.

  • Front baffel tilt for perfect desktop placement
  • Smooth HF waveguide that gives you an optimal near field sweet spot
  • Handcrafted drivers, legendary Dynaudio craftmanship
  • 117dB SPL Peak power
  • 1" high-resolution soft dome tweeter
  • 5" extended-excursion woofer
  • Amplification : Tweeter: 50W / Woofer: 50W
  • Frequency response: 46Hz to 21kHz
  • HF, MF and LF room filtering
  • HP filtering for optimal subwoofer adaption
  • Auto standby mode
  • XLR balanced and single ended RCA input connectivity
  • Optional perfect-tracking tabletop Volume remote control unit (available separately)
  • MPN : BM50
  • UPC : 570693741636
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